About the Valais

The Valais: the slender, 150 km Rhone valley is located in south-west Switzerland between Lake Geneva and the Rhone Glacier. Switzerland's third-largest canton is protectively surrounded by fifty-one 4000-metre mountains, among them the world-famous Matterhorn and the Dufourspitz which, with its 4631 metres, is the highest point in the whole of Switzerland. Bordered by the Bernese Alps in the north and the Valaisan Alps in the south, the valley enjoys a mild, sunny climate, with low rainfall in summer and plentiful snow in winter. The language boundary divides the canton into two cultural areas: the German-speaking Upper Valais and the French-speaking Lower Valais; the cantonal capital is called Sion.

Numerous side valleys lead from the plateau with its lively or picturesque little towns up to sleepy mountain villages and illustrious holiday resorts, mighty glaciers and bubbling thermal springs, magnificent vantage points and secluded mountain cabins - mutually complementary contrasts which are reflected in the way of life of the local inhabitants: traditions such as the popular cow fights, fantastic carnival customs and religious processions are imperceptibly integrated in everyday life and are not simply folklore for folklore's sake. The almost southern mentality of the people is reflected by their eating and drinking culture, which includes informal get-togethers for a raclette and Valaisan wine, of which the best-known, but by no means only, variety is Fendant.

Topical information on the seasonal attractions and a comprehensive overview of our infrastructure and activities are provided by our information brochures and on the Internet under Valais Tourism and the individual destinations.

About Ovronnaz

Situated at an altitude of 1,400 metres, between Martigny and Sion in central Valais, Ovronnaz faces south, on a sunny terrace along the flank of the Muveran range of mountains. The resort, famous for its stimulating climate, is an ideal location for relaxation and rest. And of course Ovronnaz is also known for its highly modern spa centre. Thermalp Les Bains d'Ovronnaz is a thermal and hotel complex, furnished with high-quality equipments, oriented toward relaxation and wellness, beauty and health. Settled in a wonderful alpine landscape, thermal indoor and outdoor pools, sauna/hammam, fitness, wellness, aesthetics and treatment area awaits you. Seminar rooms are installed in a sober, clear and quiet frame, providing all required technical material and adjoining coffee break facilities.

Travel Information

There exists many ways to get to Ovronnaz. The two major airports of Switzerland are Zurich-Kloten and Geneva. In both cases go first to Lausanne (often you do not have to change the train) and then take the train to Martigny/Sion. From those two Railway stations you can access the bus lines which bring you to Ovronnaz. The stop 'Ovronnaz, Thermalp les Bains' is right in front of the hotel. There is no general rule whether the changes in Martigny or Sion are faster.
See the sample itinaries below or check the Swiss Rail road time table (you may choose 'Ovronnaz, poste' as your final destination). The proposed schedule may include 'Walk'. This indicates that you have to leave the train platform and walk to the bus station, which is in both cases just outside the train station.

If you need any other information concerning your travel itinerary, please write to eysm@epfl.ch.