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Anthony Davison is a Professor of Statistics at the Ecole Poytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), and a member of its Institute of Mathematics. The home page for his research group is here, and the common statistics page at EPFL is here.

Contact information


A. C. Davison, Institute of Mathematics, Ecole Poytechnique Federale de Lausanne, IMA-FSB-EPFL, Station 8, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland


Direct line: 021 693 5502 (International +41 21 693 5502)

Secretary (Mme Anne-Lise Courvoisier): 021 693 2565 (International +41 21 693 2565)

Fax 021 693 4250 (International +41 21 693 4250)



A profile and list of some publications is available here, in English and French.

Those desperate to see more publications should get out more, or if this has been tried and failed click here.


Davison and Hinkley (1997) Bootstrap Methods and Their Application, published by Cambridge University Press, has a home page.

Davison (2003) Statistical Models, published by Cambridge University Press, also has a home page.

Davison, Dodge and Wermuth (eds.) (2005) Celebrating Statistics: Papers in honour of Sir David Cox on his 80th birthday is published by Oxford University Press.

Brazzale, Davison and Reid (2007, most likely) Applied Asymptotics, to be published by Cambridge University Press, also has a home page.

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